Planning The Best Transportation Options For Your Event

chartered bus wilkes-barre

When scheduling a large event that will have many people attending trying to figure out how to transport them back and forth can be a chore.  When going to a wedding, a business conference or other event taking a car or public transportation may not be feasible.  This is why many opt for a chartered bus wilkes-barre service to get their groups back and forth safely.

When deciding on a charter bus there are a lot of options to consider.  When reviewing this guide we will talk and touch on several key factors that have been asked in the past.

chartered bus wilkes-barre

How many people can fit on a charter bus?

Charter busses can hold a wide range of people.  Depending on the size the average bus will hold between thirty and sixty people.

Where can we take a charter bus?

You can take a charter bus anywhere a bus can travel.  As long as it is legal to drive you can take a charter bus.

How much does it cost?

Each rate is defined at the time of booking. Factors such as starting city, destination, size of bus, days, miles and more will all factor into the quote. 

How long do I have to book a charter?

It is recommended to book six months to a year in advance. This will allow you to come up with the required fees for the bus and to ensure that the bus will be available.  Depending on the bookings, time of year and destinations booking a charter bus earlier is possible but you will have to call around.

Why book a charter bus?

Many will book a charter bus for weddings, proms, trips to the casino, church outings, business conferences and much more. The idea behind a charter bus is to get a large group of people traveling together safely to and from your desired destination.