Tips For Caring For Your Car

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When we drive our cars we put a lot of wear and tear on them.  We take them to work, school, fun and more.  Over time we will need to have our cars serviced to ensure that they are running at peak efficiency.  To ensure that our vehicles don’t need a lot of work when at the auto repair shop clinton md we will want to follow these simple steps to keep our cars maintained.


Make sure that our tires are properly inflated, don’t have any wear or tear and make sure they are rotated on occasion.  This will help to ensure that our tires stay in tip top condition.

Oil Changes

Changing our oil every three thousand miles is the typical recommendation of the manufactures.  Replacing the oil filters and making sure that the fuel injection system is running properly is always a good way to maintain our cars are running well.  The fluids such as coolants, gas and winder washer fluid are also important things to check when getting our oil changed.  When all of the fluids are in top condition our engines will remain cool and lubricated.

Check your battery

Over time our batteries will wear out.  Running the radio when the car isn’t on or not shutting a door and a light is left on will drain the batteries in our cars very quickly.  Before embarking on a long trip you will want to make sure that your battery is in top condition, have a spare charged battery and even a portable battery charger at your disposal. 

Keep it clean

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Keeping your cars clean also help in its performance.  Washing our cars, cleaning out the inside and refraining from eating and drinking in the care are all good things.  Smoking cigarettes or ecig’s is also not recommended.  Taking general care and pride in our vehicles will ensure a long lasting life.

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